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Top 10 Interesting Facts about adult mini bernedoodle

adult mini bernedoodle

Adult mini bernedoodle was cross bred by a Bernese mountain dog and a Poodle. They make great family pets. These are fully trained and socialized making great companions for families. Adult mini Bernedoodle are known for friendly and affectionate personalities. Let’s get into the blog to know about interesting facts about adult mini bernedoodle.  

They Have a Stubborn Behavior

Adult mini bernedoodle are generally intelligent and trainable dogs. They can have a stubborn streak but this characteristic is not unique as many breeds including Bernese mountain dog and poodle have been known for stubborn behavior. These are a mix of two breeds and their temperament can vary depending on the genetics of the dog. Their surroundings matter which influence their temperaments. They inherited this from their Bernese parents. You can easily tackle their stubbornness with proper training and patience. Positive reinforcement training methods should be used for effective motivation to learn and obey commands. 


Shedding Is Somewhere

Mini bernedoodle is one of those dogs who shed a lot. Each mini bernedoodle has varying degrees of shedding from moderate shedding to no shedding. The more poodle the dog is, the curlier the coat and it will shed less. Type of coat is inherited which will determine the amount of shedding. These dogs can have curly, wavy or straight coats. Regular grooming including brushing and bathing can minimize the shedding at least once a week. Some mini bernedoodle shed little but there are chances of allergens which present bin salvia and dandruff. 

Exercise is Must

These types of dogs love to be around people. Although they need a lot of exercise, it is suitable for only those families who let them exercise dogs daily. Standard sized mini will have an exercise requirement between half an hour and two hours. Exercise can be in the form of walks in the yard. They love playing with other dogs because adult mini bernedoodle are active and social animals which incorporate exercise and mental stimulation. Puppies have energy requirements and get settled by age of 6 to 8 months. 

Easy to Train

Adult mini bernedoodle are the second smartest dogs with certain benefits. These dogs are easily trainable and highly food motivated especially when you offer treats in training best outcomes can be seen. You can only train dogs with positive reinforcement because they have stubborn temperament and don’t take punishment. It’s essential to be consistent and diligent with the training program. 

Common Health Concerns 

Adult Mini bernedoodle have some health concerns as well. Although selective breeding programs are for genetically inheritable diseases. They ensure an increase in positive traits in the gene pool. Minis are healthier but they are still prone to inherit diseases from their parent breed. Mini bernedoodle develop health problems including hip dysplasia, eye problems and allergies. 

It’s essential to choose a reputable breeder and provide regular veterinary care to keep the adult mini bernedoodle healthy and happy. They may inherit immune system diseases, thyroid issues, skin problems and eye problems. Poodles are healthier and have a lifespan of maximum 12 to 15 years. 


Comes in Different Sizes

Mini bernedoodle depend on the sizes of the parents. Bernese mountain dog parents come in different sizes ranging from 20 to 23 inches. Poodles come in varying sizes such as toy, miniature and standard. It all depends on the poodle used for the breeding program where the size of mini bernedoodle varies. There is no standard size for a bernedoodle but mini bernedoodle are typically 25 to 49 pounds while medium bernedoodle are 50 to 70 pounds.

Love outdoor Physical Activities

Bernese mountain dogs and poodles like running and love outdoor physical activities. They enjoy good running, playing or hiking. Speed at which they run depends on size. Medium to small sized dogs run faster than heavy sized dogs. The speed at which adult mini bernedoodle run depends on their size. Medium to small sized dogs run faster than heavy bodied dogs. Proper training is required for the bernedoodle dogs. 

Low Drooling Tendency

Mini Bernedoodle have a low drooling tendency. Dogs don’t leave slobber spots. They don’t stink and don’t have bad body odor. It depends on the grooming and bathing of the dog. Friendly and cheerful personalities with children and older people need proper training.

Best House Pet

Mini bernedoodle make the best house pet as they have a friendly nature with a calm temperament. They are gentle with children, toddlers and older people. They only require human attention and are very affectionate. Bernedoodle don’t shed or drool to fill the house with happiness. Although mini bernedoodle puppies can suffer from separation anxiety when they leave for long hours. They only bark occasionally and are very social which makes them best house pets

Communicate In Low Pitched Sounds

Mini bernedoodle communicate through emitting low pitched sounds like whines, growls and sighs. They also bark at times to scare the intruders. Adult mini bernedoodle are non-barkers and non-shedders. They also use their body languages and physical touches to communicate with the pet owners. Mini Bernedoodle require a lot of attention and care. 


What are mini bernedoodles known for?

Mini bernedoodles are a loving and active dog breed. They are great companion dogs for families who are committing training and exercising. 

Do Bernedoodles bark a lot?

Bernedoodles don’t bark too much and they require a lot of attention. 

Do Bernedoodles get aggressive?

These dogs are not aggressive. As a result of their socialization, they are more susceptible to develop separation anxiety. 

Do Bernedoodles protect their owners?

They are naturally cautious which makes them more reserved and careful when they first meet someone. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the interesting facts about mini bernedoodles. They are super loyal but have a stubborn streak but it can be overcome with proper training. These dogs have strong attachment with their owners and develop separation anxiety. They love being around us so make sure you are giving much love and care. 

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