Author: Jenna

I'm Jenna a dedicated and experienced pet specialist with a passion for animal care. With a background in Veterinary Science and extensive training in animal behavior Joe brings a wealth of expertise to ensure the well-being and happiness of pets.

How Many Legs Do Ants Have?


Ants are creatures that can be seen everywhere on the planet. They have six legs, just like other...
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Pomeranian Pitbull Mix (PitPom) Appearance, Health Risk, Personality

List of Breeds, Dog Breeds

Pomeranian is a designer breed that crosses the Pitbull and the Pomeranian. This breed produces an attractive and loyal dog. These dogs...
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Is it Dangerous to Get Bitten by a Cobalt Blue Tarantula?


Cobalt Blue Tarantula is a kind of giant spider which may look weird. You must understand temperament, mating habits, diet, and other...
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