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Do Pomeranians shed?

Do Pomeranians shed

If you’ve got a Pomeranian, you know these fluff balls Can Shed like it’s their job seriously. You find their fur everywhere on your couch clothes, even in morning coffee, so why do these cute little pups shed so much and more importantly need to know about Pomeranians shedding?

What can we do?

To keep our home from looking like a fur Factory. let’s find out okay so Palms has a double coat. Which means they have two layers of fur. The top layer is long and guards them from the weather and the bottom layer is short and soft and keeps them warm twice a year. Palms will blow their coat. This means they shed their undercoat in chunks rather than a few hairs at a time. This happens mostly in Spring and fall so during these times. 


Need To Reduce Shedding

You’ll probably need to up your grooming game while we cannot stop it completely. There are a few things we can do to reduce the Pomeranians shedding number one brush your palm regularly. This is the number one way to keep shedding under control get a good brush.

Slicker Brush for Pomeranian shed

A Slicker brush works great for their type of fur gently brush your palm every day if you can or at least a few times a week this will get rid of dead hair and distribute oils that keep their coat shiny number two bathe your palms but not too much bathing your palm helps wash away loose fur but if you do it too often. It can dry out their skin and cause Pomeranians to shed worse stick to bathing your Pomeranian once a month or only when they really need it number three feed your palm a good diet. 

Healthy Diet Helps for Shedding

A healthy diet helps a lot with Pomeranians shedding if your palm eats well food their coat will be healthier and they won’t shed as much. Make sure they get plenty of protein and essential fatty acids. Which are super good for their fur number four keep them hydrated just like.

Maintaining Pomeranians Dog Health

Our dogs need plenty of water to keep their skin and coat healthy if your palm doesn’t drink enough their skin could get dry. Leading to more shedding number five visit the vet if things get weird sometimes. If a dog is Pomeranians shedding way too much it could be a sign of health issues like allergies or thyroid problems. if you notice bald spots or if your palm is scratching a lot. It’s time for a vet trip.

4 Common Mistakes That New Pomeranian Owners Make

I’m going to talk about five common mistakes that new Pomeranian owners often make so those of you who are going to have a Pomeranian soon or you just got a Pomeranian recently can be better prepared and avoid making the same mistakes that could potentially put their life in danger this visual is a bit long, but everything I mentioned is there for a reason 


Avoid Mistake 1

If you can, to avoid missing any important pieces of information, the first mistake they often see people make is using a Collar instead of a harness. Using collars is not recommended for Pomeranians, as tracheal collapse is one of the most common health problems. The trachea is a flexible tube with study c-shaped cartilage rings that keep the trachea open to deliver air into and out of the lungs. Tracheal collapse occurs when these cartilage rings collapse. It often causes your dog to have breathing problems with symptoms such as heavy and Loud breathing.  

Avoid Mistake 2

Coughing when you apply pressure to their neck or after drinking, exercising, or getting too excited. What’s wrong with using the Collar is that the pressure of the Collar on the neck when your dog is trying to pull on walks or when you’re applying too much pressure and tension on the leash could potentially strain and break the structural Integrity of the Cartilage Rings inside their trachea and obstruct their breathing of course occasionally. You can still use a collar on the Pomeranian as an accessory to take cute photos of them with bow tie collars on but just don’t pop a leash on their collars. Always use a harness to walk your Pom instead. Oh, and please never use a slip leash on a  

Avoid Mistake 3

Pomeranian, I know some professional dog trainers are raving about the effectiveness of slip leashes in training dogs to have perfect Loose leash walking skills, but I want you to know first it’s very dangerous for Pomeranians. If used incorrectly, a second slip leash doesn’t train your dog to walk nicely.

It only controls your dog at that moment because they are afraid of the pressure that applies to their neck. If they pull so, they only stop pulling out of fear when the leash is on, and there are arguably much better ways to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash.

Avoid Mistake 4

When you first get a new puppy, the two most important priorities, other than obviously bonding with your dog, are potty training and socialization. You have to take socialization very seriously and start socializing your dog as soon as possible, and the reason is that the period between six weeks and 16 weeks is the most critical socialization period for dogs. Anything they experience during this time will affect their later behavior, and this is why during this period.

You should try your best to socialize your dog to different dogs, different situations, different people, and objects if you want them to grow up well socialized and comfortable enough to greet people and other dogs with confidence lack of socialization in Pomeranians in the early days.  

Final thought

Pomeranians are known to shed moderately and their double coat requires regular grooming to manage shedding. While Pomeranians shedding is a natural process for most dogs Pomeranians with their thick undercoat and longer guard hairs. May require more attention. Regular brushing can help minimize loose hair and reduce shedding. Keeping their coat healthy and preventing matting.

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