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What Eats Snakes? 20 Animals That Hunt and Eat Snakes?

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Snakes are terrifying to others, and there are plenty of animal predators. Some snakes evolved with venomous bites. However, some animals have different ways to defend themselves against snakes. Here we are sharing the list of animals that hunt and eat snakes. Let’s get into the blog.

List of 20 Animals That Eat Snakes

Some animals have evolved specialized adaptations to hunt and consume snakes, such as the King Cobra’s ability to inject venom into its prey or the Secretary Bird’s powerful kicks that can stun and kill snakes.


1. Alligators

Alligators are the most feared predators in the world. They are very good animals that eat snakes. Large snakes like pythons and anacondas can overpower and kill small alligators. Alligators stick to freshwater swamps and marshes, where alligators have also ventured into saltwater environments. They have a powerful jaws and sharp teeth that capture and consume snakes efficiently. Alligators are found in fresh water habitats where snakes also reside to create opportunities between the two species.

2. Bobcats

These adaptable predators inhabit wooded areas and semi-desert, urban edges, forest edges, and swampland environments. Despite being widespread throughout North America, bobcats are elusive predators that people rarely spot. They typically target smaller animals that are easier to overpower and consume. Snakes could consume a young or weakened bobcat.

3. Hedgehog

These animals are small, spiny mammals found in various parts of the world. Hedgehogs are known to consume small snake species.. Their diet is usually based on insects, small mammals, and amphibians. Spiky quills protect against snake bites while they use their sharp teeth and jaws to capture and consume snakes. While hedgehogs are known to occasionally consume small reptiles such as lizards, their preference and main food source are not snakes.

4. Bullfrog

They are large amphibians in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. It is known for loud calls and powerful jumping ability. They are opportunistic predators and have been feeding on snakes. Bullfrogs have a wide mouth and long, stick tongues used to catch and swallow their prey. They can overpower snakes by lunging and engulfing them in a single pulp. 

5. Cats

They are included in domesticated and wild species with predatory instincts capable of hunting and consuming snakes. Wild cats such as African several and jungle cats have been observed hunting and way to capturing snakes. These have sharp claws, keen senses, and quick pouncing ability to trap and catch snakes. They may stalk, pounce on and bite the snake to immobilize it before consuming it. Therefore its essential to note that not all snakes are safe for cats to eat. Some snakes may be venomous and increase the risk to the cat’s health.

6. Honey Badger

It is known for its fearless and aggressive nature. Honey badgers have a diverse diet and can take on various prey, including snakes. They have strong jaws and sharp teeth to consume snakes by biting and tearing them apart. They are opportunistic hunters prey on snakes. Honey badger are skilled at locating and capturing snakes including venomous species. They can consume the entire snake including head without being affected by the venom.

7. Crocodiles

These are one of the deadliest reptile species, including snakes which are part of their diet. Saltwater crocodiles are known for being largest extant reptile species fond of eating sea snakes and hunting them aggressively. Crocodiles are known to feed on various types of snakes including both venomous and non-venomous species. They have powerful jaws lined with sharp teeth that enable them to capture and consume snakes.

8. Wolverine

Wolverine is known to have a varied diet that includes meat such as rodents, rabbits, worms, frogs, and birds. It is possible that a wolverine might eat a snake. They can climb trees and swim to reach their prey. Wolverine would focus on hunting larger and substantial prey.

9. Mongoose

These small animals look like cats, but mongooses don’t pose any threat to humans. Although they may bite if threatened by snakes, they are the worst nightmare. Mongooses are not natural enemies of snakes but are proficient in defending themselves against snakes. 

10. Opossums

They are amazing animals and have a rat-like appearance. Opossums are omnivores who will eat fruits and grains as well as snakes. These are specially equipped to deal with venomous snakes as they have a protein that makes them resistant to snake venom. 

11. Raccoons

They almost eat anything they can find, including snakes. Raccoons aren’t big on wasting energy and prefer to catch easy prey. They don’t have a preference for their diet, and no one species of snake is the raccoon’s target. 

12. Snapping Turtles

Snapping turtles are cunning feeders and will eat a variety of prey items. Snakes are also on the menu for snapping turtles. When a snake comes too close, the snapping turtle can quickly extend its neck and snap its powerful jaws shut, capturing the snake and pulling it into its mouth. 

13. Cormorants

Cormorants are fish-eating birds and their diet consists of fish, eels and other aquatic animals. While they are known to specialize in snakes, they may consume snakes if they are present in their habitat and are small enough to be swallowed whole. Snakes are not major part of their diet and are better adapted to actively hunt them.

14. Dogs

Dogs are one of the common animals that eat snakes; this is likely because they are natural predators and have strong hunting instincts. Most dogs will not hesitate to kill and eat a snake, but some other breeds are more likely to do so than others. If a dog does eat a snake, it is important to monitor the dog closely for any signs of illness. Some species of snakes such as rattlesnakes, copperheads and water moccasins are venomous that can cause serious to a dog.

15. Eagles

They are the predators of North America and, among active hunter animals, eat snakes. Eagles will swoop down and grab a snake before flying back to their nest to eat it. Keep in mind that not all eagles eat snakes and the specific diet of an eagle will depend on its geographic location, habitat and the availability of prey.

16. Kingsnakes

Kingsnakes are the most common predators of snakes, these reptiles are immune to venom. The Kingsnakes will kill their prey by constricting and eating snakes, lizards, rodents, and birds. They are found in a range of habitats across North and South America from deserts and grasslands to forests and wetlands

17. Kookaburras

In Australia and New Guinea, woods are home to these birds.. They eat snakes like poisonous snakes such as brown and tiger snakes. While snakes are not a primary food source of kookaburras, they will sometimes take small snakes as prey if they are available. Kookaburras are skilled hunters and have a strong beak that they can use to catch and kill small snakes.

18. Striped Skunk

This is a small mammal of North America. They are not a specialized snake predator known to prey on snakes occasionally. They use sharp teeth and claws to catch and subdue their prey, including small snakes. 

19. Red-tailed Hawks

Red-tailed hawks found throughout North America. These animals have sharp talons and a powerful beak to grasp and kill their prey. When hunting snakes, red-tailed hawks, will often swoop down from above and grab the snake with their talons. They are particularly skilled at catching small to medium sized snakes.

20. Ratels

Ratels are known as honey badgers, tough and fearless mammals in Africa. They have sharp teeth and strong jaws that enable them to deliver a powerful bite for consuming snakes. Ratels are highly resistant to snake venom, making them less vulnerable to snake bites during hunting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What eats snakes in the rainforest?

They may include fish, turtles, lizards, crocodiles, birds and even mammals.

What eats snakes in the desert?

The desert kingsnake consume lizards, eggs, small mammals and other snakes including rattlesnakes.

What eats snakes in the savanna?

There are several predators in the savanna and some of the common predators that eat snakes include birds of prey, Mongooses, Monitor Lizards and Wildcats.

Final thoughts

These are the animals that are common snake predators. We have tried our best to give you insights, and everyone knows snakes are ancient creatures who have survived on the planet for millions of years. 

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