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Top 10 Expensive Dog Breeds to Own in the United States

expensive dog breeds

Are you looking for a canine companion with exceptional characteristics? Several breeds come in different price ranges. Many people spend a lot of money daily to get the best breed. Americans spend more than $1000 per year on their dog maintenance and grooming. It doesn’t matter how expensive their favorite breeds are. They always prefer to get highly trained canines for them. Let’s get into the blog to learn about these expensive dog breeds and make an informed decision. 

Most Expensive Breeds

Here are big discussions or secrets on expensive dog breeds


1. Samoyed ($4,000)

This dog breed is not as common as some other dog breeds. They are a rare breed; limited supply and high demand for Samoyed can increase their cost. They were developed in Siberia, which is soft, loving, social, and eager to please. 

They are a powerful breed but prone to autoimmune conditions such as cardiac disorders, which are not inexpensive to discover and treat. Always get pet insurance for this dog because it will help to save big on protection. They are a high-maintenance, strong-headed breed with an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years. Consider pet health insurance to save up a big amount on treatments. 

2. Afghan hound ($7,000)

They come from the mountains of Afghanistan and are beautiful dogs with flowing coats and curly tails. They require daily hair brushing because long, silky coats become tangled quickly. They have an average life span of 10 to 14 years. Their health conditions might cost them some more money. They are exposed to hypothyroidism, which can cost up to $3000 price of this pup more. 

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3. Chow Chow($1,000 to $4,000)

They originate from northern China and are one of the oldest rarest breeds in the world. The dog is expensive, and the cost grows from food, treats, vet bills, grooming, and health issues, around $11000 for their life. They require regular exercise, such as four or more walks per day. The breed is naturally stubborn, which can impact the trainability of the pup.


If we talk about their primary health issues, you may come across eyelid entropion, hip and elbow dysplasia, allergies, and thyroid function. The lifespan of chow chow is 8-12 years but can be increased with proper health care. 

4. Irish Wolfhound ($1,500 – $3,000)

They are the most costly dogs on the market. If we talk about their history, these dogs lie in 15th-century Ireland to protect livestock from wolves. They are now dignified dogs with loyal and calm natures. As the tallest breed, their size means they are an expensive dog to care for.  The Irish wolfhound’s average lifespan is six to eight years. Some of the health conditions can be heart and liver disease as well as eyesight loss. 

5. Rottweiler(around $1350)

They are thought of as the oldest surviving breeds. These large giants are known as one of the best family protectors with 9-10 years of life. Early training and socialization is required for them. Rottweiler is prone to different health conditions, such as heart problems and elbow or hip dysplasia. They are undoubtedly active, expensive dog breeds and need plenty of exercise, training, and attention. 

6. Tibetan Mastiff ($2000-$6000)

They are a relatively rare breed with a long history, and as per different research, Tibetan Mastiffs are deeply rooted in Tibetan culture. They are large and imposing dogs with a commanding presence. Their massive build and thick double coat give them a regal and majestic appearance. Physical characteristics combine with their unique heritage, making them highly expensive. Reputable breeders make sure of the quality of their breeding lines. This includes screening for genetic health conditions such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and certain eye disorders.

7. Great Dane ($2000-$2500)

They are known as “Apollo of Dogs, ” a gentle giant among dog breeds. Great Dane is known for its imposing size, elegance, and friendly nature. Breeders carefully select breeding pairs to produce puppies that meet the list of breed standards with good health records. Invest in health testing to ensure the well-being of their dogs. They are predisposed to specific health issues like heart conditions and bloating. 

Breeders conduct health examinations on breeding dogs to reduce the risk of passing on genetic diseases, which may cost you more while buying this breed. They are more expensive than adult dogs. Well-trained great Danes with advanced obedience or specialized training have higher prices due to training investment. 

8. Black Russian Terrier ($1,000 and $2,500)

They are known as “Blackie” who are a large and powerful dog breed that originated in Russia. The breed is known for its giant build, intelligence, and protective nature. Breeders of black Russian terriers pay high attention and resources in breeding high-quality dogs. 

They conduct health screenings for health issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and other genetic disorders. Black Russian terriers were initially bred for purposes including guarding and protecting property. They have a strong instinct and are known for loyalty and dedication to their families. 

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ($1,500)

They are small, charming dog breeds known for their friendly nature and silky coats. Cavalier Kings are a prevalent breed due to their affectionate and friendly temperament. Their small size, gentle nature, and compatibility with different lifestyles make them family pets and companions. High demand for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can impact the price. 

10. French Bulldog ($1,500 to $3,000)

They are a popular dog breed for their different characteristics of bat-like ears, compact build, and friendly temperament. French bulldogs are considered to be the most expensive dog breeds. Their compact and muscular body makes breeding more challenging than other breeds. They come at heavy prices with serious health complications such as breathing problems that need expensive surgery and can commonly suffer from ear, skin, and eye issues. They have an average lifespan of 10-12 years. 

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Wrap Up

So that’s the wrap-up for the most expensive dog breeds in the United States. The prices reflect their popularity, responsible breeding practices, grooming, and maintenance. It’s imperative to research and find a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of the dogs before adding to your family. 

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