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Top 10 Famous Pets on Instagram Right Now


Viral videos and heartwarming stories on social media have taken the internet by storm. You might have seen mischievous cats, photogenic dogs, and everything. Do you know the most famous pets on Instagram right now? Here, we will be exploring the renowned pets that have gained massive followers on social media.  They have also become the symbols of love, joy and companionship. Let’s get into the blog to know more about these furry celebrities. 


  • Followers: 9.3M
  • Total Post: 20.5
  • Following: 252,000

He is the Pomeranian dog who became an internet sensation. This dog was co-starred in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video. He is also a face of the wall calendar with 50 5 star reviews on Amazon. He is the world record holder for the fastest run on his hind legs for 10 meters. JiffPom has the fastest two front paws for 5 meters as well. Their owners are anonymous, but he starred in a Katy Perry music video.


Doug the Pug

  • Followers: 3.6M
  • Total Post: 3,871
  • Following: 1003

He is one of the most famous pugs in the world with the name Doug the Pug. His owners started a nonprofit organization named “Doug the Pug Foundation.” They aim to bring joy and support to children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Doug has appeared in music videos. He is the furry friend of several celebrities. Doug the pug acted in an Oscar-nominated movie and a Super Bowl commercial.

Nala Cat

  • Followers: 4.5M
  • Total Posts: 7174
  • Following: 833

She is a tabby and Siamese mix with a soft, light-striped coat. She has partnered with brands such as Google, Lyft, Fresh Step, and L.O.L. Nala cat, which received a Guinness world record for the cat with the most followers on Instagram at 4.3 million in 2020. She was adopted from a pet shelter in California in 2011. Her massive popularity has made her the author of a book named “Living Your Best Life According to Nala Cat.” You must have taken some time and read about her. She’s one of the cutest cats on the internet. Her unique look is one of the reasons for her massive popularity. She has already captured the hearts of millions around the globe.

The Dogist

  • Followers: 6M
  • Total Post: 8,857
  • Following: 33

This influencer profile isn’t about any specific pet. The photographer Elias Weiss Friedman started walking the streets of New York to take pictures of people’s dogs. The Dogist has more than 30,000 dogs worldwide and authored a New York Times book, “The Dogist & Puppies”. The profile raised $70,000 in 2021.

Venus, the Two Face Cat

  • Followers: 2.2M
  • Total Post: 2354
  • Following: 605

She is one of the most eye-catching and unique-looking cats. Venus the Two-Face Cat is a tortoiseshell, but no one knows why she looks so. Venus has a green eye on the black side and a blue eye on the orange side.  Her rare physique makes followers so fascinated compared to other cats. Most brand-sponsored posts on Venus’ account come from Paw CBD, a pet oil company. Venus and Nala Cat are pet ambassadors for an Oil Company named Paw CBD.

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Tika the Iggy

  • Followers: 1.2M
  • Total Post: 969
  • Following: 271

It’s an Italian Greyhound husky that has become a fashion icon in the dog world. He got fame by showing the clothing she couldn’t wear during COVID-19. She has almost 200 outfits. He is the smallest hound and was initially bred as a companion. This breed demands attention and can become possessive of their owners. They are comfort-loving dogs and are often found hiding under blankets.

Hosico Cat

  • Followers: 1.8M
  • Total Post: 3209
  • Following: 321

Hosico is a Scottish straight cat. Her ears stand up straight rather than folded over. You must be thinking about Hosico, a Japanese term that means star child. His beautiful blue eyes and charming personality captivate everyone. He was nominated for The Animal Star of 2020. Each cat is unique, but Scottish straights are known for their sweet personalities. They are typically aggressive and are known to be easy to live with.

Tuna Melts My Hearts

  • Followers: 1.6M
  • Total Post: 3,387
  • Following: 49

Tuna is an adorable internet celebrity. He went viral because of his awkward face. Mostly people adore him for his endearing qualities, and his loyal followers embrace his physical characteristics.  His sweet, funny face can make everyone smile. He has become an ambassador for animal rescue and has used his platform to raise awareness about pet adoption and the special needs of animals. His positive and uplifting presence continues to bring joy to many followers on social media.

Tucker Budzyn

  • Followers: 3.5M
  • Total Post: 700
  • Following: 877

They are a father and son Golden Retriever duo named Tucker and Todd. Tucker is famous for food critics and cuteness. His expressive face, playful antics, and loveable nature have endeared him to a large audience. Tucker’s popularity has also extended beyond Instagram. He has become a source of delight for many dog lovers, and his charming and humorous videos continue to bring smiles to his followers’ faces.

Pumpkin and Marley 

  • Followers: 543k
  • Total Post: 849
  • Following: 386

They are two cat bros and BFFS, each with their own Instagram. They both love nothing more than cuddling together and fighting. Pumpkin and Marley’s mom runs a Day in the Life of my Cats series on Instagram, where you can keep up with the daily updates.

Can Pet Influencers Make Money?

With the rise of social media platforms, pet influencers have created opportunities for pets to gain a massive following. Many pet owners have created dedicated accounts for their pets on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where they share photos and videos of their pet’s entertaining moments. 

Pet influencers often collaborate with brands that align with their pet’s image and values. These partnerships include sponsored posts, product endorsements, or advertising campaigns. Some of them create additional content beyond social media platforms, such as authoring books or offering content on platforms through support monthly subscriptions. Considering the cases of all these famous puppies, it can be motivational for you as well to start a social media channel for your precious dog and craft stunning videos of them.

Wrap Up

These are some of the famous pets on Instagram with massive followings. People are enjoying their reels and entertaining videos. If you all want to make your pet a celebrity, then make sure you all have the right pet with a captivating personality and looks for taking photos and videos. 

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