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Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic? Myths and Facts

A Bengal cat with distinct markings lounging on a window sill.

Are you also discovering the answer to the most popular question these days? “Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic?” They have no doubt striking appearance. Some claim they are hypoallergenic than other breeds whereas others deny.

Hypoallergenic Situations of Bengals Cats

We will be exploring the answer to this question and debunk all the myths and factors. Let’s get into the blog.


1. Bengal Cats are completely hypoallergenic

This myth is not completely accurate because all cats produce Fel d1 protein to some extent. It is always believed that Bengal cats produce lower levels of allergenic protein than other cat breeds. Lower levels of Fel d1 may make allergic conditions more tolerable. 

2. Bengal Cats don’t cause allergies

Although Bengal cats produce lower levels of the Fel d1 protein trigger allergic reactions in sensitive cats. Due to allergies, people react differently to the same breed of cat breed. Individuals with cat allergies need to spend time with Bengal cats. Assess their personal sensitivity and potential allergic response. 

3. Fel d1 Protein Causes Allergies

This is the allergenic protein in cats which is not only the substance that can cause allergies. Other allergen factors such as cat dander, salvia and urine contribute to allergic reactions. 

4. Hypoallergenic cats exist

Some cat breed information is referred to as hypoallergenic due to fewer allergenic proteins. They may experience fewer or milder symptoms when exposed to these breeds than cats. 

What are the ways to know about cat allergies?

bengal cats

Cat allergies could be tricky to diagnose from mild to severe. There are many ways to test cat allergy such as reaction to cat’s dander. It is the dead skin cells that cats shed which is the most common allergen in cats. Skin prick test could be another way to test cat allergy where a small amount of the allergen skin is pricked with a needle. The majority of people observe it as the fur triggering the reaction but the reality is far different. Allergies caused allergenic proteins present in cat dander and urine. It varies from person to person. 


What makes a Cat Hypoallergenic?

Cat allergy is from protein they produce from their dead skin, urine and salvia. It produces less protein Fel d1 from its dander. Bengal coats won’t shed as much as other breeds do. It will leave a few strands of fur here and there. These cats don’t groom themselves often. They have less allergenic protein and don’t shed much. 

Can We Own An Allergic Cat?

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Cat owners are fond of owning cats despite having allergies. You can own a cat if you are allergic but make sure allergies aren’t severe. Always prioritize your health first. People with milder reactions can easily tolerate but must take prescribed medicine. If you don’t want cat allergies to bother you, there are a variety of hypoallergenic cat breeds to own and the Bengal cat is one of the hypoallergenic cats. 

How To Prevent Being Allergic To Cats?

There are the following things you can do to prevent being allergic to cats:

  • Limit the Cat Contact

To prevent cat allergies, avoid direct contact with cats. If possible then try to limit your exposure to cats by keeping cats out of certain areas of your home such as bedrooms and furniture. 

  • Create cat-free zones

If you will establish cat free zones in the home, it will help to create allergen free spaces. Keep the doors closed and use air purifiers in these areas to filter out allergens. 

  • Clean home regularly

Have you ever paid attention to regular home cleaning? It can reduce the presence of cat allergens in the environment. Always vacuum the carpets and upholstery frequently. Dust surfaces with a damp cloth to prevent allergens.

  • Wash sheets in hot water

All those fabrics that could have flakes of your cat should be washed carefully in hot water. If you have trained your cat to not get into your sheet then it’s good otherwise get it cleaned.

  • Wash hands

When you contact cats or are in an environment where cats are present, wash your hands with soap and water. Change your clothes as well. 

Is It Possible To Build Immunity To Bengal Cat Allergies?

It’s impossible to build immunity to Bengal cat allergies. Several treatment options are available to reduce the severity of allergic cat reactions. One of the treatments of immunotherapy is known as allergy shots. Immunotherapy desensitises the immune system and reduces its allergic response. The treatment includes injections or dissolvable tablets for preventing cat allegers. It can be effective and the improvement level varies from person to person. Immunotherapy is not a quick fix and requires a consistent treatment plan. 

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Wrap up

These are the few myths or misconceptions about Bengal cats. The level of allergen sensitivity varies among individuals and some people could experience severe allergic reactions to Bengal cats while other ones face mild ones. Consult an allergist for personal advice. They can help to manage cat allergies. 

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