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Do Leopard Geckos Bite?

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Have you ever come across to Leopard Gecko? They are one of the popular pet lizards known for their easy going nature. Leopard geckos are known for their gentle nature and won’t bite you unless they feel threatened. Here we are going to discover Do Leopard gecko bite you?

Do Leopard Geckos Bite?

leopard geckos
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There are several factors that might bite you. Mostly think these lizards can’t bite but yes they can. Biting is a rare for this species. There are several reasons for geckos to show aggression.  Here are the following reasons:


They want some privacy

They want peace and privacy because this reptile species is mostly docile and shows aggression like other good pet lizard species. Keep in mind, there are limits to what leopard geckos will tolerate. They are most active at dusk and dawn. If you try to handle a leopard gecko outside their busy hours, it interrupts their sleep. It’s best to give them space. 

They are not handled right

Leopard geckos need time to adjust to their environments and new pet owners. They are defensive in the beginning but can bite when they think death is sure death. Experts recommend to not handle the gecko for at least two weeks. You can clean the enclosure and feed the gecko but avoid handling them. Keep the environment light and stress-free. 

They have territorial behavior

Leopard geckos can be surprisingly territorial. Keeping more than one lizard in same enclosure is not a good idea.  Pairing two males in same territory won’t be ideal but female pairs can work. If you were to pet one and haven’t washed your hands, its scent can linger. When you reach your hand to another lizard and go into territorial mode. 

They are hungry

Hunger can turn leopard geckos into biting mode. Keep feeding geckos on a regular schedule otherwise they mistake your finger as an insect. Do you know your finger is larger than mealworms and other feeder insects? They may get overexcited and will try to eat finger. If you have leftover calcium or multivitamin powder on your finger they could bite you to get the essential nutrients. 

They feel threatened

Leopard geckos can bite you if they feel threatened. Sometimes owners pick lizards incorrectly. There is an art involved to handle leopard geckos. Actions could be uncomfortable or painful if you don’t handle properly. They may have spent several months without socialization in rough conditions. These lizards may take longer to trust you again after mishandling. 


They have mate behavior

Leopard gecko season can bite during reptile’s mating season. It can occur in the summer when females become gravid. They can be defensive and territorial in certain situations especially got worse around mating time. Temperament of male leopard geckos change when mating. They want to protect the female and her potential eggs. 

How to disinfect a bite from leopard gecko?

Here is a simple way to disinfect bite from leopard gecko:

  • Wash the wound with soap and water.
  • Apply hydrogen peroxide to the wound and let it foam.
  • Drench the wound in apple cider vinegar and keep it soaked for 5 minutes. 
  • Rinse the wound off with warm water and let it dry.
  • Apply an ointment to the wound. 

How does it feels to get bit by a leopard gecko?

It would give you the common feeling of a pinch or slight sting when bitten by a leopard gecko. Some people may feel pain that depends on how teeth puncture the skin. Leopard geckos are not aggressive but only bite if they feel threatened. They have sharp lepoard gecko teeth that can cause painful wound. The area where they have bitten you can be quite sore and itchy. 

Make sure you know how to handle gecko correctly. When you get the gecko first, it’s essential to let it adjust before handling. Once you have picked up leopard gecko, don’t let go until it has calm down. 

Are leopard gecko aggressive?

leopard geckos
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They are known for their docile nature. Leopard geckos are not aggressive and can handle on daily basis. Bites from leopard geckos result only few drops of blood loss and prick like an injection. No need for first-aid treatment unless the bite becomes infected. Monitor the area for few days to make sure the bite has no side effects. 

How to avoid getting bit by a leopard gecko?

The best way to avoid getting bit by leopard gecko is to handle carefully. It’s essential not to incite them and be aware of body language. It is best to put them down and walk away espeically when they start showing signs of aggression such as hissing or flattening their bodies

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Are leopard gecko bites dangerous?

Leopard gecko bites are minimal and don’t cause harm to the human body. 

How to prevent leopard gecko bites?

Avoid sudden movements or action to stress the gecko. Give time to adjust your presence and handle calmly. 

Do leopard geckos have venom?

They are not considered venomous reptiles because leopard geckos don’t have venomous glands or structures. 

Can leopard geckos transmit diseases through bites?

They are not known for transmitting diseases to humans through their bites. 

Wrap up!

These are the aspects that we have gathered about leopard geckos. They are quiet and easy to handle. If leopard gecko is constantly biting you, take him to vet for check-up to figure out medical conditions. We hope this guide was useful to handle your pet with caution. 

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