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Are Yorkshire Terrier (Yorki) Smart Dog? Yorki IQ Rank

Yorkies playing in ground

Yorkshire terriers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. This dog is known for its smartness. Despite their small size, Yorkshire terriers were developed to serve as guard dogs. They are known for their intelligence and ability to learn and respond to commands. Yorkies are highly trainable and respond well to training methods. 

It’s essential to note that every dog’s behavior is unique, and intelligence and behavior can vary based on factors such as genetics and socialization. Here in this blog, we will try to answer the most asked question about Yorkies terriers “Are Yorkies smart?” Let’s get into the blog to know further about their intelligence. 


Are Yorkies smart?

are yorkies smart

Yorkies are dogs, and they are a perfect example of beauty with brains. They can learn, anticipate and obey better than other dogs. Yorkie dogs are intelligent because of the way they are bred. This dog breed was bred to hunt rats in clothing mills. However, clothing mills are dangerous places for dogs around the machinery. Yorkies are brave and intelligent to kill the rats. Yorkshire terriers are incredibly loveable and sociable with owners and easy to train. Regarding working and intelligence, the terrier dog breed ranks as the most intelligent dog breed among other breeds. These dogs are easily trainable and remember things they learned from their trainers. 

Physical and Behavioral Characteristics of Yorkies

Yorkshire terriers are a small dog breed with distinctive physical and behavioral characteristics. 

Physical Characteristics

  • Size: Small
  • Height: 18-23 cm
  • Weight: 2.4-3.2 kg
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Coat: Long hair
  • Colors: black marks, blue, gold, white

Behavioral Characteristics

  • Temperament

Yorkies are known for aggressive and energetic personalities. They are affectionate with their owners but can be aggressive towards other dogs. 

  • Energy Level 

Yorkies are a high energy breed and require regular exercise and playtime to stay healthy and happy. 

  • Trainability

Yorkies are intelligent and trainable but can be stubborn and require positive reinforcement training methods. 

  • Diet

The Yorkshire terrier diet should balanced and healthy. They have a lot of energy, so they should eat lots of vitamins.

How to Measure the Cognitive Ability of Yorkies?

Measuring cognitive abilities in dogs like Yorkies could be challenging, and designing tasks to measure cognitive skills is difficult. There are following ways to assess cognitive abilities in dogs. 

  • Object Permanence

It is the understanding that objects continue to exist when they are no longer visible. To test this on Yorkies, hide the thing under a container and let them observe and find the object.

  • Spatial Memory

It is the ability to recall the location of objects in a familiar environment. Measure the dog’s ability to navigate or find a hidden object in a room. 

  • Problem-Solving

Problem-solving techniques can found in the dog where researchers can present the dog with a novel problem. He would retrieve a treat from a puzzle toy and observe how the dog attempts to solve the problem. 

  • Social Learning

To do this test on Yorkies, check out whether the Yorkie can learn a new task. This is the ability to learn from other dogs or humans. 

Are Yorkies Smart Easy To Train?

are yorkies smart

Yorkshire terriers are easy to train, but it depends on what owners are trying to teach their dogs. If they learn tricks like bending and rollover, they will learn quickly to perform the activity. They are great watchdogs to be calm and not react to every sound. 

Some Yorkies are quick learners and respond positively to training methods, while others are stubborn or easily distracted. Yorkies are prone to barking and require extra attention and training to manage vocalizations. 

It’s essential to keep training sessions short and engaging. Avoid harsh training because it can damage the bond between you and your dog. Yorkies can trained successfully with patience and consistency. It’s important to approach training individually and tailor the training methods to every dog’s unique personality and needs. 

How to Improve Cognitive Smartness and Interaction Skills?

We all now have an answer to “Are Yorkies Smart?”. They are easy to train, and here we mention some essential techniques to improve Yorkies IQ and interaction skills. 

  • ConsistentTraining

The most intelligent way to train your puppy is to start training as soon as possible. Once you start giving the Yorkshire terrier command “come here” and “sit” from an early age, it is likely to engage with behaviors. These little puppies are young and may take some time to learn, so efforts are required at both ends. Use hand gestures like pointing a finger to say “stay” or putting pals ahead to say “stop.” You can also move your fingers while saying “go.” Hand gestures and signals help your Yorkie to follow and obey commands. Dogs are good at reading and understanding sign language.

  • Mental Stimulation

We are mentally stimulating your Yorkie, which is essential for cognitive development. Mental stimulation can be provided through activities like puzzle toys, obedience training, and interactive play. Use puzzles and toys, a fantastic way for pets to receive delicious treats. These games will help the terrier apply his brain to solve puzzles for mental stimulation. 

  • Regular Exercise

Exercise is essential for maintaining Yorkies’ physical health but can have cognitive benefits. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and enhance cognitive function.

  • Have Patience

Yorkies can be consistent in every activity performed with little Yorkie. Make sure to give your pet treats for desired behavior. Be consistent in every activity that you perform with little Yorkie. 

  • Socializing

Socialization is essential for dog breeds, and the dog should be socialized from a young age. When your Yorkie is socialized with his mates, they grow and start learning sounds and language.

Why Your Yorkie Is Not Learning New Things Quickly?

are yorkies smart
  • Vague Instructions

You always need to stay clear with your instructions. It could be challenging for them initially, but when they interpret, they also understand your hand gestures. Always be precise and particular with instructions, so give your pet a proper command and hand gesture to differentiate correctly.

  • Lack of consistency

Whatever training methods are used, make sure you are consistent. If you start with the pet and get busy with your work, the Yorkie will forget things, so avoid a time gap. Always be consistent with work and do it regularly. Train your pet daily for at least half an hour every day or every alternate day. 

  • Distractions

Yorkies can be easily distracted and especially when they are new to environments. With so many distractions, Yorkies would have difficulty focusing on tasks and may not learn quickly. Make sure Yorkie is suitable in the background with no distractions; the only focus should be on you while training. 

  • Stress or Anxiety

If your Yorkie is stressed or anxious, it can negatively impact your learning ability. When a dog is feeling stressed, make sure you address the underlying cause and provide support. It will help to feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

  • Training Methods

If your training methods are ineffective for Yorkie, it may slow the learning progress. Finding training methods that work well for individual dogs and being open to new techniques is essential. There are chances that training methods are not working.

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Are Yorkies more intelligent than other dog breeds?

Yorkshire terriers are the exception to this rule. They respond to this command quickly and can be trained easily. 

Are Yorkies difficult to train?

Yorkies are not the easiest breed to train. It’s not because they aren’t smart; they are quite intelligent. 

Do Yorkies require mental stimulation to thrive?

Yes, Yorkies require mental stimulation to thrive. Interactive toys can exercise a dog’s brain to chew, lick, sniff, and explore.

How do Yorkies compare to larger, more intelligent breeds?

Yorkies stand out of 90 different breeds; the Yorkie places at 27 in the category of average intelligence.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have tried to address the question, “Are Yorkies Smart?” and suggested ways to boost intelligence and smartness. Yorkshire terriers are extremely good and quick at learning. Right training methods should be used consistently to boost intelligence. 

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